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Thank You for your interest in purchasing an Electroscope. We are proud to acknowledge that we have been in the treasure hunting business since 1986 and feel that we offer treasure hunters the finest long-range treasure hunting tools available and back it up with excellent customer service. Our customers are loyal individuals who, for the most part, purchase our equipment as part of their treasure-hunting arsenal for a competitive edge.

The Model 20 Electroscope®
The Model 20 is an excellent choice for the treasure hunter who needs a tool that had all around performance in the field. The Model 20, the result of years of research and development, is designed specifically for locating unknown targets such as gold, silver, coins and various relics. view product

The Model 301 Electroscope®for over 20 years the Model 301 has been used successfully by prospectors, cache hunters, nugget shooters and coin hunters. In the hands of a skilled operator who takes the time to learn and understand its operation, the Model 301 has been called a "lethal weapon in the field" view product

The System B Electroscope®A number of our customers have been requesting an economical model to aid in their versatile treasure hunting without sacrificing quality, dependability, and performance.We believe these new System-B long-range locators will be valuable tools helping to accomplish our customer's goals.view product

The Regulator Electroscope®The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.  This exceptional long-range locator is always pre-tuned for gold, but by inserting a specific high conductor in the sample compartment, the user has the capability to expand their search to other precious materials previously undetectable with an Electroscope. view product

Fieldscope Electroscope®
This newest product by Electroscope, the fieldscope, gives you tremendous advantage over other locators. The intermediate range allows you to cover large tracks of ground and quickly target areas of interest. Most targets are found within 20 to 40 feet from the initial contact. view product

Relic Hunter Electroscope®
The Relic Hunter is one of the most exciting products we ever developed. Designed to locate ferrous and nonferrous metals, it can quickly scan large tracks of land to locate historical artifacts such as military accessories; including minie balls, swords, buckles, buttons and coins. view product


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